This isn't going to be a mirror site of the French one as I believe that there are already more than enough very good sites in English on the rabbit and cavy fancies. I would just like to explain to the English speaking would how things work in France and give you an incite in to our little world.


In France both rabbits and cavies are shown in Aviculture shows, these shows are run under the rules lane down by the SCAF who are the gouverning body and give the guide lines for the FFC (for the rabbits) or the (ANEC) for cavies they are also responsible for the poultry and pigeons (the other groups that we stair our shows with. In France both rabbits and cavies are judged on a points system and not against the other animals present on the day.

If we look at the points table (this one is for the Rhinelander) you can see the distribution of points for each category.

Before the judge starts the judge will deduct 1 point from each category (other than weight and condition), this is for all the small imperfections the rabbit has. Once the rabbit is out of the cage and on the table he will start to study the good and bad points in each category if he finds that the rabbit or cavy excels in a category he will right a mention on the animals card and add or 1 a point if on the other hand he finds a default he will take of or 1 a point and will equally right a mention on the card so as the breeder will know why.

If a judge takes of more than 1 point in any category (making for 2 with the point initially deducted) the animal is automatically disqualified. The reason that a point isn't deducted from the condition category is that it is assumed that all rabbits and cavies should be in show condition, clean and have their nails clipped ext.

The points for weight are awarded on an index, for the Rhinelander. Under 2.75Kg disqualified 2.75Kg to 3.25kg 8 points, 3.25Kg to 3.75Kg 9 points, 3.75Kg to 4.50Kg 10 points over 4.50Kg disqualified.

Type and body shape
Head Markings
Body Markings

Once the judge has gone through all the categories on the show card he will add all of them up and it's the total of points that determine the rabbit or cavies position in the show.

It's very exceptional for a cavy or rabbit to get 97 points its in fact so exceptional that a second judge has to verify the decision and give his OK. As if there isn't a second animal in the show with as many points it will aromatically go on to win best in show (in fact what normally happens is that I judge wont give any more than 96 points (we call this Prix d' honour) and once all the animals have been judged all the judges get together and eventually decide to put the winning animal up to 97 points.

As I've already said an animal awarded 96 points gets awarded a Prix d' honour this denotes an animal without and defaults and who excels in several categories on the card.

95 Points denotes a 1er Prix (first prize) an animal that is 100% to the standard but is just missing that little something that would make him a champion.

94 points denotes a 2em Prix (second prize), a good animal but with a minor default or two.

93 points is 3em prix ( third prize) an animal with several small defaults or a bigger one.

From 93 until 90 points an animal is classed passable (not to bad) and fewer than 90 would mean being disqualified. Once all the animals have been judged, the judge from each section will select the animal with 96 points that he prefers. This animal will be given a GPH (grande prix d' honore), all the GPH will then be put up against the other GPH, i.e. cavy, dwarf rabbit, small rabbit, medium sized rabbit, giant rabbit to determine the GPE (best in show).

The breeder's cup is very prized in France as it's a reference of the quality of a stud. The cup is award to the breeder who has the most points with a group of 6 animals of the same breed, same colour and incorporating both sexes.

A silver cream from my stud, a breed that is on the brink of extinction in France
Judging at the ANEC'S (National cavy clubs) young stock show